Trump faces defectors – wealthy Republicans sponsor his ouster

To date, several Republican groups have already formed in the United States, which have begun to support the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

This is reported by the agency “Reuters”.

One of the most famous such associations is called the Lincoln Project. It includes, among others, wealthy conservative Americans who previously supported the Republican Party. Now they are financing the removal of Donald Trump. Leading donors to the project include Christy Walton, the heiress of the Walmart Corporation, billionaire Andy Redleaf, and Sidney Jansma Jr., a Michigan oilman.

Some participants in the project are aimed not only at removing Trump, but also neutralizing Republican senators in order to transfer the upper house of parliament to Democratic control.

As noted by Reuters, it is difficult to assess the impact of such actions on the outcome of the elections, because in 2016, there was an alliance of Americans “Never Trump”. As you know, their campaign failed.

Analysts are confident that the actions of defectors will not be crowned with success in 2020 either. This is due to the fact that they represent only a small fraction of the Republicans, while 90% are still on Trump’s side. Moreover, in June alone, the incumbent’s headquarters raised $55.2 million in sponsorship contributions, while the Lincoln Project has raised $20 million since it was founded in December.

At the same time, some experts believe that the desertion of even a small percentage of Republicans can play an important role if the electorate is divided approximately equally.