State Department decided to try a new anti-Chinese approach – the media explained why it would fail

The idea of ​​trying to divide the Chinese government and the Chinese people in order to destabilize the situation in the PRC through the people could be effective. But Washington is once again interfering in the politics of a country that it does not understand.

The American edition “Foreign Policy” writes about it.

Earlier, the head of the US Department of State, Michael Pompeo, devoted an impressive speech to anti-Chinese foreign policy. As before, he focused on the fact that the cooperation of the previous administrations with the PRC was wrong. At the same time, he suggested something that should be perceived as a “more productive approach”. The new strategy involves working with “dynamic and freedom-loving Chinese people who are completely different from the Chinese Communist Party”.

The idea of ​​reaching out to the Chinese people rather than the PRC party is wrong for many reasons, writes Foreign Policy. The point is that the Chinese Communist Party is deeply woven into the fabric of ordinary Chinese life. Even if the Chinese are dissatisfied with some individual issues of domestic policy, this is unlikely to allow the United States to provoke a coup d’état in Beijing.

“Even people who do not like the party in an abstract sense are likely to oppose a hostile foreign government”, – the newspaper emphasizes, noting that the United States, with all its actions, turned the Chinese against Washington.

No less controversial was Pompeo’s call for “partners” to consolidate against China. He was extremely reckless in calling the Western countries cowards that did not want to confront China. Such statements “devastate” American diplomacy, the article says. Obviously, Pompeo was hinting at Germany. However, his criticism is unlikely to force Berlin to reconsider its approach to China, but it will easily alienate the Germans from the United States.