Federation Council of Russia calls on the world to influence Ukraine and end the oppression of the Russian-speaking population

The Kiev authorities continue to infringe on the rights of the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine in every possible way. This violation of the legitimate rights of Ukrainians was highlighted in the Federation Council of Russia.

He appealed to the international community with a request to protect the ability of a huge number of Ukrainians to speak their native language.

“The current leadership of Ukraine continued the discriminatory course of the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, aimed at limiting the rights of the Russian-speaking population to study in their native language”, – the RF Federation Council said in a statement.

Such behavior of the Ukrainian authorities simply contradicts the Constitution of the country.

Since September, thousands of children will be deprived of the right to study in their native, and most importantly, language that they understand. This will significantly impact their ability to get a decent education.