Pushkov: How is Europe coping with the influx of migrants?

The countries of Western Europe, faced with the pressure of refugees, were at a loss for a long time. The false understanding of human rights as the right to permissiveness on the part of those who arrived from the zones of regional conflicts has generated a tolerant attitude towards their crimes and ugly behavior towards the indigenous people of Europe.

This line was strongly encouraged by the liberal media, which imposed a guilt complex on the Europeans for colonialism and racism, to which the current Germans, Italians or French have nothing to do. Police were often instructed not to disclose the nationality of criminals for fear of fueling xenophobic sentiment and strengthening national conservative parties. As a result, this led to rampant street crime, individual terrorist attacks shouting “Allah akbar!” and the increasingly frequent rape attacks on European women, girls and even children.

For Russia, what is happening in Europe is not indifferent for both historical reasons and our belonging to the European space. The decision of the court in Freiburg, Germany creates an important precedent for rejection of absurd tolerance and “racism on the contrary”, when de facto there is a different legal regime for dark-skinned newcomers than for native Europeans. It is also gratifying that the court rejected the anti-legal position of the defense, which was that immigrants “do not know the laws of the country”: this is a false and cynical argument, speculation on their skin color. In the countries where they came from, rape is clearly a crime and is punished much more severely. They all knew and understood perfectly well. The law in this regard is essentially the same throughout the world.

Alexey Pushkov