Serbian opposition announces detailed coup plan

There are three scenarios for the overthrow of the Serbian government that would allow pro-Western forces to take control of the country.

Serbian opposition announces detailed coup plan

This statement was made by the leader of the right-wing opposition party “Doors” Bosko Obradovic.

As previously reported by News Front, parliamentary elections were held in Serbia. The Serbian Progressive Party, led by President Aleksandar Vucic, was supported by 60.65% of citizens. Thus, she won 188 seats in the legislature out of 250.

Obradovic, in turn, calls the elections invalid. The reason, he said, is that the vote was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. He argues that there are three scenarios for getting out of the political crisis.

“The first implies the continuation of street protests and actions of civil disobedience until the ruling regime is overthrown. The second is the mediation mission of the European Parliament. However, I support the third option, ” Obradovic said.

The third scenario implies the cancellation of the voting results and the formation of a crisis government loyal to the West. It should include representatives of the pro-American Union for Serbia, which, for lack of popular support, demonstratively refused to participate in the elections. Obradovic believes that after that, within the next year it will be possible to hold new elections, and at all levels.