The New York Times tells which countries will emerge from pandemic as winners

The United States has practically surrendered to the coronavirus, but this does not mean that the leader’s place on the world stage will be empty.

The New York Times tells which countries will emerge from the pandemic as winners

About this writes “The New York Times” publication. 

As noted in the media, Washington failed to localize the infection, just as it could not fully provide social guarantees to citizens. Millions of Americans are left without a livelihood, and the deadly virus does not even think to retreat. However, there is a “mirror image” of America today in the Western world.

We are talking about Germany, which was able to implement a program to combat coronavirus in all federal states. In addition, local unions worked closely with companies to prevent closures.

“As the pandemic accelerates the pace of digitalization and de-globalization and increases the world’s debt, Germany stands out for its relative immunity to these challenges“, – says the New York Times.

However, not only Germany will be able to benefit from the post-coronavirus trends. China might be on the winners’ list, but like the United States, it is mired in debt. Moreover, the Chinese authorities were drawn by Washington into a dirty confrontation. As a consequence, their reputation was tarnished by allegations of responding to COVID-19. On the other hand, NYT calls Russia’s economic prospects “intriguing.”

“President Vladimir Putin has worked for years to protect his country from foreign financial pressure”, – the publication says.

The publication calls this a timely “defensive step” that is becoming “increasingly valuable in a rapidly deglobalizing world.”

Earlier, the American edition of Newsweek devoted an article to what other countries could learn from Russia. The publication tells about Russian medical developments in the fight against COVID-19, in particular, a drug that has already entered the international pharmaceutical market.