Germany will accept first 24 migrant families with children who need treatment

The first 24 families of migrants in Greece, which have children in need of treatment, will arrive in Germany next week, Interior Ministry spokesman Steve Alter said. In total, Germany will accept 243 children along with their family members.

“The Federal Minister (of the Interior of the Federal Republic of Germany Horst) Seehofer decided that 243 children in need of treatment will be accepted in Germany from Greece along with their main family members. Arrival in Kassel (a city in central Germany – ed. ) of the first 24 families is scheduled for next Friday”, – Alter wrote on Twitter.

He added that families will be distributed across the nine federal states of Germany.

Earlier it was also reported that under the European plan, it is planned to transport 1,600 unaccompanied minors from Greece to EU member states. Groups of street children have already been accepted by Great Britain, Germany, Luxembourg.