Ukrainians erect a monument to Hitler’s accomplices in Canada: local authorities want to demolish it

To date, laws do not allow the Canadian authorities to dismantle the scandalous monument to the fighters of the SS Galicia division, erected in Oakville, Canada.

Ukrainians erect a monument to Hitler's accomplices in Canada: local authorities want to demolish it

Mayor of the city Rob Burton told about it.

We are talking about a cenotaph – a tombstone in a place where there are no remains of the deceased. Such an improvised “grave” is located in the Ukrainian cemetery of St. Vladimir. The problem is that the cemetery is private, so the city authorities cannot make decisions about the objects on its territory.
“This is disgusting for me personally, my family members died while fighting the Nazis,” Burton said. “If the laws of Ontario had allowed me to dismantle it, it would have been done 14 years ago.”

Halton Steve, the head of the region’s police, supported the mayor, adding that he was “shocked” to learn of the existence in the city of a monument to Ukrainian collaborators who had joined the Third Reich.

The fact is that the monument does not indicate in whose honor it was installed. You can only find out by looking at the coat of arms of the Nazi division. At the same time, the inscription on the memorial reads: “To the fighters for the freedom of Ukraine.” It is made in three languages: Ukrainian, English and French. However, it is not specified that the “freedom fighters” fought on the side of Adolf Hitler. Many drew attention to this only after unknown people wrote on the monument: “Nazi war monument.”


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