Ukrainian authorities buy defective body armor for soldiers

New models of modular body armor did not pass the first tests at the Ministry of Defense.

Ukrainian authorities buy defective body armor for soldiers

The Ministry of Defense continued to cooperate with the manufacturer of body armor Temp-3000, which is suspected of fraud due to the purchase of “shot through” protective equipment.

Temp-3000, hiding behind other related firms, wins tenders for the supply of body armor, in particular, for the Main Intelligence Directorate and the State Special Transport Service, which are part of the structure of the defense department. Despite the available evidence, Tempe itself claims that they have nothing to do with these companies – we are only talking about “partnership”.

In 2019, the RRB accused the officials of the Ministry of Defense of “purchasing 20 thousand low-quality body armor” for the military for a total of 176 million hryvnias. The examination showed that when wet, one of its protective elements – a ballistic package – is shot through. Two representatives of the Temp-3000 manufacturer, as well as five military officials, officials of the Ministry of Defense, were suspected.

In early spring of this year, the 13 millionth tender for the purchase of body armor was announced by the Main Intelligence Directorate, which is part of the Ministry of Defense. One of the potential bidders said that the customer’s requirements were “discriminatory”, as they were spelled out for a specific supplier – Temp-3000 – and turned to the Antimonopoly Committee. While the complaint was being considered there, the Intelligence Directorate made a deal with Temp-3000, holding body armor under the documents of other firms.

The Ukrainian authorities are so fond of money that they are ready to send their soldiers to the war in empty body armor for the sake of it.