Just look at the devastated budget: Georgia about why cooperation with the US is unprofitable

If the Georgian government is regularly blackmailed, officials are issued ultimatums and threatened with sanctions, this can hardly be called a “strategic partnership.”

Just look at the devastated budget: Georgia about  why cooperation with the US is unprofitable

This statement was made by Georgian human rights activist Nana Kakabadze, assessing the results of cooperation between the republic and the United States for the EADaily edition.

“What should a strategic partnership look like? Is this blackmailing justice? Requiring us not to punish criminals? Intimidation of our court and the release of the criminal authorities of the nine-year regime [Mikhail Saakashvili] under the guise of political prisoners? ” Kakabadze says.

She also drew attention to how often government officials talk about military cooperation with the United States. Claiming that this is the guarantee of Georgia’s security, officials are revealingly focusing on the participation of the Georgian army in NATO military missions.

“First of all, from an objective point of view, any military specialist will tell you that participation in such missions is a heavy burden on our treasury. As a result, we get practically nothing, ” Kakabadze explains. – The second point is what is usually called the support of the White House. In practice, we are talking about statements, that is, about verbal support. In real politics, it is ineffective. “

The human rights defender cited the 2008 armed conflict as an example. Then Washington sided with Tbilisi and demanded that Moscow not interfere. Nevertheless, Russia stood up for South Ossetia and Abkhazia, ruining Saakashvili’s plans.

Earlier, Georgian expert Shota Apkhaidze said in a comment to the News Front agency that with the intensification of militarization in the country, an economic collapse could occur. Despite ostentatious Euro-Atlantic ambitions, Georgia can afford to finance the military sphere only to the detriment of the social sphere.