Americans begin to be evicted en masse due to lack of money

The coronavirus is spreading in the United States with renewed vigor, but the regulations protecting citizens during the pandemic are expiring. As a result, Americans are left without a livelihood and even without a roof over their heads.

This is stated in the study of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, which leads the agency “Reuters”.

The Federal Reserve’s regional office examined the situation in 44 cities and counties in the United States. As a result, experts have discovered a disturbing trend: many Americans find themselves on the streets because they cannot pay their rent.

At the dawn of the pandemic, the American authorities banned property owners from evicting tenants, even in case of delay in paying for housing. This was a necessity at a time when the American economy was paralyzed and tens of millions of people lost their jobs. These restrictions are about to expire.

“As of July 7, approximately one third of the rental units in our study are no longer covered by the temporary policy and eviction requests have now returned to their pre-pandemic level,” the study said.

Moreover, the situation may worsen in the coming weeks, as many state support programs will also end at the end of July, although the unemployment rate is in no hurry to decline.

“In addition to the expiration of the eviction bans, household tenants are facing expiring additional unemployment benefits offered under the CARES Act, despite still higher unemployment rates, further increasing the risk of evictions for families affected by the crisis,” the researchers said.