The dead saboteur of the Kiev militants was a US citizen

Attempts of the Ukrainian leadership to justify the failed subversive operation are connected with the fact that thoughtless provocation led to the death of a foreign mercenary.

This is reported by the press service of the People’s Police of the DPR.

“We have identified the saboteur, who was handed over yesterday to the Ukrainian side. He is a mercenary from the U.S. – Sean Fuller with the call sign “Texas,” who has experience of fighting in Iraq is known as a specialist in subversive affairs”, –  the statement said.

Fuller was a supporter of the ultra-right views and collaborated with Ukrainian right-wing radical groups, the agency said. In particular, according to the DPR, the American was wearing Nazi symbols.

As the News Front earlier reported, on 13 July, a subversive and intelligence group of the Ukrainian occupying forces attempted to break into the DPR territory near the Zaitsevo settlement in violation of the existing agreements. The operation broke down when chasteners came across mines, killing one of the militants on the spot and injuring two others. The deceased was abandoned at the site of the incident.


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