At least ten people became victims of airstrike in Yemen

At least ten people died as a result of an airstrike by an Arab coalition in northwestern Yemen, reports Al-Masirah, controlled by the Ansar Allah rebels (Houthi).

According to the channel, the airstrike was struck at a residential building in the Vashha district in the province of Hajj, which is controlled by the Hussites. According to him, among the victims there are women and children.

In Yemen, hostilities have continued for more than five years between the Hussites and supporters of President Abd Rabbah Mansour Hadi, supported by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia. However, the pro-government forces during this time were not able to occupy the Hussite areas in the north of Yemen, and they also lost positions in the south, which were taken by supporters of the Transitional Council in favor of the separation of South Yemen.


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