Unknowns cleaned up European deputies, one of theirs is suspected

In the European Parliament, there was a real split due to a series of thefts that occurred during quarantine.

This was reported by the Handelsblatt.

According to media reports, the European quarter in Brussels was empty for quarantine, which the criminals took advantage of. The deputies were stolen laptops, tablets and other equipment. There are a total of fifty incidents.

The EP has not yet disclosed information about what happened, so it is not known how many people were injured. However, it is known that one of the victims was a member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, Bernd Lange. He noted that for many years of work in Brussels this happened to him for the first time. Moreover, Lange expressed confidence that the criminals had keys, in connection with which he suspects security officers.

Disputes and suspicions split the European deputies into two camps. Some are seriously concerned about what happened. They are afraid to leave valuables unattended, suspecting their colleagues. Others believe that there is no cause for concern, because there are more pressing problems, such as the economic crisis that has swept Europe.


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