Belgrade evaluates riot damage

The damage from protests in the center of Belgrade has already amounted to 1 million euros, the calculation of losses continues, said Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic.

Belgrade evaluates riot damage

In Belgrade, for four consecutive evenings, mass protests are taking place in front of the Assembly of the Parliament of Serbia. With the exception of Friday night, every rally ended in a clash of protesters with the police.

On Saturday night, aggressive protesters dismantled the fence at the steps of the Legislative Assembly, threw pieces of paving slabs and pavers at the police officers. Police responded with tear gas, stun grenades and physical force. According to the city ambulance, at least 20 people were injured, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has not yet reported the number of wounded and detained.

“See how these monsters mutilated the pedestal of the sculpture Raven Horses by the author Toma Rosandich, installed in 1939 in front of the parliamentary building of the then Kingdom of Yugoslavia”, – the vice mayor wrote on Facebook indignantly and attached photos.

“The city of Belgrade in the morning (of Saturday – ed.) began to assess the damage. Once it is completed, we will publish it, file a criminal case and a claim for damages to the prosecutor’s office. Each of these monsters who will be detained and whose participation in a violent gathering will be proven to pay damages”, – said Vesic.

According to him, the damage from protests to city property until the evening of July 9 amounted to 30 million dinars, or 250 thousand euros, not counting private cars, cafes and restaurants, shop windows and other things.

“When you collect everything, it will turn out about a million euros in only the first two nights of the Vandal attacks”, – the deputy head of the Serbian capital emphasized.

Utilities began cleaning at night. By 8.30 (9.30 Moscow time), the neighborhood of the parliament was completely cleared, the city center returned to normal life.


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