Syrian Idlib getting ready for coronavirus disaster

An outbreak of coronavirus was recorded in the province of Idlib, where jihadists still operate.

Syrian Idlib getting ready for coronavirus disaster

The infection was detected by a thirty-year-old doctor who was tested after the onset of symptoms of coronavirus. Given that he worked in a local hospital, fears of an outbreak of COVID-19 arose. At the moment, the doctor and all who contacted him are in isolation, and the hospital is temporarily closed.

The region is the last major stronghold of militants in Syria. At the beginning of the year, government forces tried to liberate Idlib from the Islamists, but the offensive stopped after Turkey took the side of the militants.

According to reports, the population of Idlib reaches 3 million people, and the health care system was destroyed as a result of years of terror by armed groups. So, for the whole Idlib there are only 153 ventilators and 148 beds in intensive care units. If the outbreak gets out of control, a disaster awaits the region.