In Belgrade, protests affected 19 police officers and 17 demonstrators

The riots in the Serbian capital started during a protest against the tightening of sanitary measures.

In Belgrade, protests affected 19 police officers and 17 demonstrators

 At least 19 police officers and 17 demonstrators were affected by the night-time riots that began in Belgrade during a protest against increased sanitary measures as coronavirus cases resumed to rise. This was reported on Thursday by Ivan Stefanović, a doctor at the emergency clinic.

According to the doctor, 12 medical crews were on duty at the protest site. “19 policemen and 17 protesters were injured, there were no serious injuries”, –  said Stefanovich. According to her, one of the policemen was hit by a car, he was hospitalized at the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade.


Earlier, Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic reported on at least 10 injured policemen, while one of them had both broken legs.


Earlier, law enforcement officers dispersed a protest outside the building of the National Assembly (Parliament) of Serbia in Belgrade. At first, the action was peaceful, but some time later groups of young people started throwing bottles and fireworks towards the police. The police responded with tear gas shells.

The disturbances continued in Belgrade for the second consecutive night. As reported earlier by the Director of Police of Belgrade, Vladimir Rebić, as a result of the riots on Wednesday night, 43 policemen and 17 demonstrators were injured, 23 people were detained and five police cars were burned. Rebić noted that the protest was spontaneous, the police were not ready for such a development, so they had to pull forces along the way. Identification of those involved in the protests is ongoing and all of them will be brought to justice.


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