Ukraine will help Belarus break friendship with Russia

Kiev needs to take advantage of the fact that among Belarusians nationalist sentiments arise.

This was told by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin in an interview for Radio New Time.

According to him, the Belarusian direction is of “fundamental interest” for Ukraine, and it is important for Kiev to do everything to reduce cooperation between Minsk and Moscow.

“We have almost a thousand kilometers of border that does not have protection. How are we going to defend it? The fact that a military or hybrid attack cannot begin on us from the Belarusian direction is a survival factor. Thus, everything that happens in Belarus is critically important for us”, – the ex-official says.

In this regard, Klimkin called on the Kiev leadership to help the neighboring republic with the formation of a political model that has already been tried in Ukraine.

“If we just watch, then we will lose. In case of Belarus, it is necessary to work proactively. In Belarus, national consciousness is increasingly manifesting itself, Belarus is a part of Central Europe, let it be so. For this we have to work creatively and methodically”, – stated Klimkin.