In Poland, revealed US plans for a “new Europe” without Germany

Eastern European Russophobia has a very specific goal.

In Poland, revealed US plans for a "new Europe" without Germany

This was told by the head of the European Center for Geopolitical Analysis Mateusz Piskorski.

According to him, Washington does not need European independence in any way. That is why he creates a project for a new Europe, which will include countries such as Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and even Ukraine.

These states are known for their ardent anti-Russian policies. The expert emphasizes that such is imposed by Washington in order to create a line of split between the European Union and Russia, preventing them from normal cooperation.

“The United States is working to create a new Europe, realizing that the EU, with the leader in the person of Germany, will try to get at least some independence,” Piskorsky explained.


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