US Independence Day was celebrated very differently this year

Donald Trump made a striking address from Mount Rushmore in South Dakota: he encouraged America and its past to be proud. His opponent, Joe Biden, recorded a video message from his home: a former vice president said the US history was infiltrated by a systemic racism virus, and Biden intends to fight it.

US Independence Day was celebrated very differently this year

BLM activists set fire to and stomped American flags near the White House in Washington. They did not attempt to storm the presidential administration this time.

In the Italian quarter of Baltimore (Maryland), a monument to Columbus was demolished and dumped at the bottom of the harbor. Recently, Maryland authorities decided to rename Columbus Day a celebration of Italian heritage. But such hasty measures did not save them from popular anger on the part of the rebellious proletariat.

In California, this year the Independence Day celebration was banned under the pretext of combating the epidemic. Even the singing of prayers in temples was prohibited. True, going to rallies and demolishing monuments is permitted and encouraged.

But Californians, contrary to the authorities, nevertheless lit up the sky with fireworks. A complete loss of confidence in the medical lobby and officials who follow their lead is a logical result of draconian quarantine measures.

Kanye West chose a date on July 4 to announce his presidential nomination. The rapper followed the example of Justin Amash, who on the same day a year ago announced his independence from the bipartisan system. It’s hard to say, however, on which platform West will be elected. Given his passion for religion – Christian conservatism?