Trump named the United States “winners of fascism and communism”

US President Donald Trump in his speech on Independence Day was in earnest. He said that the Americans defeated not only the Nazis, but also the Communists.

Trump named the United States "winners of fascism and communism"

Moreover, the left will soon get from the “valiant nation”.

So, Trump broadcast that “American heroes” “defeated the Nazis, overthrew the Nazis”, as well as “overthrew the Communists” and “drove to the very ends of the earth” terrorists, defending American values.

“We are now in the process of defeating radical leftists, Marxists, anarchists, instigators, and robbers – people who in many cases do not understand what they are doing,” he said.

Doubtful speeches from a person who is not able to control the situation in the state entrusted to him.


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