Putin on the gay flag over the US embassy: Now it’s clear who works there

The US Embassy in Moscow specially hung out the symbolism of the so-called LGBT on the day of the beginning of voting of citizens of Russia for amendments to the Constitution, securing, inter alia, the concept of the family as a union of man and woman.

 Putin on the gay flag over the US embassy: Now it’s clear who works there

This was during a meeting with President Vladimir Putin, said Senator Alexei Pushkov.

“The fact is that Russia is being watched very carefully, and not only our opponents are watching. They are watched by people who are very sympathetic to us, because we uphold traditional values. Such people are even in the citadels of modern ultra-liberal ideology. There are many of them: they are in Italy, in France, in Germany. Even in the United States, where a kind of ideological evolution is taking place with unpredictable results, a huge number of people look at Russia. And the fact that we have enshrined traditional values ​​in our Constitution (marriage as a union of a man and a woman, an institution of the family), it seems to me that this is of global importance, because now there is a struggle for the future moral orientation of mankind. This gives us very great opportunities, in my opinion: we can directly contact citizens of other countries.

… The important thing is that it strengthens our soft power, our influence. And, in my opinion, this also increases our ability to fight against the imposition of alien values ​​on us. It is no secret that many international structures, organizations have already adopted such resolutions, they will now adopt resolutions, trying to impose other points of view on us.

Hanging a rainbow flag on the facade of the American embassy on the day that the vote for the Constitution began is a definite demonstration. Moreover, such a flag had never been hung up before. This is the first time.

That is, they tell us that “we will now aggressively attack you in the sphere of ideology, in the moral sphere.” It seems to me that we have given a very clear answer, we are becoming leaders in the struggle for traditional values ​​around the world, ”said Pushkov.

“Excuse me, please, Alexey Konstantinovich, I did not understand: who works in this building?” – Putin specified.

“I talked about the flag hanging on the facade of the American Embassy on the 24th, the rainbow flag was the LGBT flag. It was a kind of demonstration, and they justified it by the fact that now there is a month of struggle for the rights of sexual minorities, ”Pushkov explained.

“I ask who works in this building?” The president asked.

“Americans work, American diplomats work in this building. And the flag is rainbow. Therefore, I drew attention to this, ”said the senator.

“Good. Well, okay. They showed something about the one who works there, ”Putin emphasized.

“But not scary. We have spoken about this many times. Our position is clear. I have talked about this many times, I want to emphasize once again: there was not, will not be anything in Russia that is related to the restriction of rights on the basis of race, sexual orientation, nationality, or any religious grounds. This has never happened in Russia and never will be.

The question is completely different. Yes, a few years ago we passed a law banning the promotion of homosexuality among minors. So what? Let the person grow up, become an adult and determine his own fate. It is not necessary to impose anything, here we are against what, against the imposition of something.

Those who attack us in this direction are simply breaking through the open door. Let’s better look after themselves. In some countries, including the United States, you still know this, there are criminal law rules under which gay people can be prosecuted, as was the case in the Soviet Union. We have nothing of the kind. And in some states, people may be sentenced to death for non-traditional sexual orientation.

Let them get down to business, dig deeper there, and our position is clear, I just stated it once again, ” the Russian president concluded.

Mikhail Ryabov