Kiev warriors mistakenly jam their own drones

Kiev punishers continue to interfere with the work of OSCE observers in the Donbass. The DPR People’s Police told about new cases.

Kiev warriors mistakenly jam their own drones

The problem for the Armed Forces is that obstructing the work of the UAV drones leads to negative consequences for the Ukrainian fighters themselves.

“So, on July 2, in the area of ​​responsibility of 54 brigades in the area of ​​the village of Avdeevka because of the inconsistency of the actions of the mobile group of the EW 20 battalion and the service of operational duty connections, an incident occurred that led to material damage. According to our information, the mobile group of the 503th EW battalion was carrying out tasks to cover the settlement from a possible flight of the OSCE mission UAV over the command post of the brigade; at the same time, the commander of the 54th brigade was tasked with the UAV brigade crew to conduct aerial surveillance of the actions of the OSCE patrol. At the time of the approach of the OSCE drone, accompanied by the UAV 54 brigade to the n. Avdeevka, the operator of the jamming station, not knowing about the presence of two drones in the sky, carried out a fixed suppression of the control channels of the Ukrainian drone. The result of unprofessional actions of the militants of the occupying forces was the loss of an expensive UAV, as well as the opportunity for the OSCE mission to freely fix prohibited weapons in the village, ” the statement said.


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