Yakov Kedmi explained how Putin differs from all Western statesmen

The difference between the Russian leader and his Western colleagues is that Vladimir Putin did not grow up in political circles, and he evaluates the situation in a completely different way.

This was told by the veteran of the Israeli special services, Jacob Kedmi, commenting on excerpts from memoirs of ex-adviser to the US president on national security issues, John Bolton, on the air of the “ITON. TV”.

In his book, he also spoke about the sympathy of the President of the Russian Federation for the head of the Israeli government, Benjamin Netanyahu. According to Bolton, this was evident during the talks between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

Kedmi, in turn, draws attention to the fact that Putin is different from the politicians of Western countries – he gained experience in interacting with people, working in special services. Thus, Bolton’s claims are far from reality. It is enough to evaluate the reaction of the Russian president to the British prime minister’s demarche when Putin said that Boris Johnson’s words had nothing to do with him, and Moscow was only interested in resolving the current differences with London.

That is, Putin looks at the leaders of other countries exclusively from a professional point of view, without entering into any personal conflicts and without showing hostility to his colleagues.

“Whatever foreign politicians say, Putin does not care. Such statements reveal a primitive American perception of what a statesman is. Just such a vision is completely inapplicable in relation to modern Russia, especially – in relation to the president. He did not grow up in political circles, and he was used to evaluating any situation with a cold mind”, – Kedmi concluded.


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