Poroshenko appeared in the Western media complaining about Zelensky

Former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that attempts to hold him accountable for abuse of authority and other crimes are “the revenge of an inexperienced politician”.

Poroshenko said this in an exclusive interview with BBC Channel correspondent Johnny Fisher.

It is a revenge. This is the revenge of an inexperienced politician who believes that in this way he will be able to solve his problem. He believes that now that his rating is rapidly falling, he must replace the collapse of reforms, the disaster in the economy, the deep crisis, the catastrophe in the fight against coronavirus and the dramatic, bad situation to protect our state from Russian aggression – he wants to replace all these necessary the reforms that the country is waiting for on the TV show”, – the ex-president says, speaking about his successor Vladimir Zelensky.

He also began to complain that the “fifth column of the Kremlin” has a great influence in Kiev. At the same time, he hastened to assure that he did not consider Zelensky a “Putin man”.

“I say that he is rather inexperienced, and his team, to which one person who has been in Russia for all five years of my presidency, belongs to, definitely plays a very negative role. And in this situation, this is political retaliation”, – Poroshenko concluded.