“Global micro-governance has become a luxury” – Newsweek explains how the US coup will end in Iran

Despite the fact that many representatives of the American elites maintain a hostile attitude towards Iran, now is the worst time for attacks and attempts to establish “democracy” in the Islamic republic.

About this writes the American publication “Newsweek”.

As noted in the media, before building the “world gendarme” again, the United States should “clean up its own home”. Thus, even if the Iranian government is a “mediocre theocracy”, it is not for the Department of State to talk about it.

“Global micro-governance has become a luxury that we can no longer afford, and there is no more obvious example of an overburden than US policy on Iran. Thirty years after Francis Fukuyama shamefully declared “the end of history,” democracy, liberalism and capitalism in the open market retreat if they are not threatened with extinction”, – the article says.

The US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, threatening Iran with new sanctions, “throws stones at the glass house” while the Americans “lose faith in their own government”. Moreover, in its hostility to Iran, the United States was left alone in the world political arena, which does not prevent Washington from “continuously drumming”.

“The transition to a policy of regime change in Iran will be imprudent at best, and at worst a serious blow to America’s global superiority. Think how far the stupid things in Iraq and Afghanistan have cast the country back”, – the article says.

Many, of course, will argue that the Iranian theater is different from others, and that a tough fight will not necessarily lead to a kinetic war. But this suggests that the voices that put forward these arguments have also removed concerns about our previous Middle East debacles. 


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