Dodon called on the opposition to descend from heaven to earth

Moldovan President appeals to deputies to leave the “Chaos coalition”.

Dodon called on the opposition to descend from heaven to earth

According to, President Igor Dodon announced “the formation of the Sandu-Kandu-Plaha-Shor coalition” and called on opposition deputies to leave the “Chaos coalition”.

“I note the formation of the Sandu-Kandu-Plahotniuc-Shor coalition against citizens, and this coalition blocks the government’s initiative, according to which doctors’ salaries should be doubled in stages, 700 lei are allocated for 660 thousand pensioners. It is planned to allocate 100 million lei for farmers, another 50 million to create the infrastructure of industrial platforms that will provide new jobs that are so necessary now, plus another 20 million for the “First House-6” program, intended for the military.  To make it clear to the whole society and especially to people who suffer from the fact that money is late for them: all this blocking is due to the fact that the Sandu-Kandu-Plaha-Shor alliance does not want the money to really reach people. They want chaos in the country, because this is the only way they know how to conduct politics. Today, they together form the Chaos Alliance. To do this, millions of euros are spent on the purchase of deputies by some people who, on the other hand, are afraid of the resignation of the current government, because they will not be able to take on the heavy responsibility for managing the crisis. All they want is for a country to have a government without a parliamentary majority, so that they can block everything that is good for the people”, – Igor Dodon said.


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