The Speaker of the Libyan Parliament noted the friendly relations with Russia

Akila Saleh, speaker of the ruling House of Representatives (Parliament) in eastern Libya, noted historical friendly relations with Russia.

The Speaker of the Libyan Parliament noted the friendly relations with Russia

“The Libyan and Russian peoples are linked by historical traditional friendship relations”, –  Saleh said at a meeting with Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko.

The Council looks forward to strengthening cooperation with the Parliament of Libya

He also thanked the Russian side for its hospitality and warm welcome.

“I would like to express my greetings to the Russian Federation in the person of its President, people and government, to express to them my appreciation and high respect. I would like to inform you that we pray to God from the bottom of our hearts that Russia will be a prosperous and great country”, –  Saleh added.

In Libya, opposition continues between the Government of National Accord (GNC) of Fayez Sarraj, which controls Tripoli and territories in the west and is supported by Turkey, and the Libyan National Army under the command of Khalifa Haftar, for which Egypt provides political support.

The Russian Federation is making efforts to resolve the Libyan conflict. In particular, it participated in an international conference on Libya in January in Berlin together with the U.S., Turkey, Egypt and several other countries, as well as the EU and the UN. The main outcome of the conference was the call of its participants for a ceasefire in Libya and the obligation to refrain from interfering in the conflict by observing the arms embargo on the parties. In addition, the meeting participants proposed the establishment of a committee to monitor the implementation of the ceasefire agreement.
The Russian Federation also supported the “Cairo initiative” of Egypt, which includes a cease-fire on the whole territory of Libya since June 8 and conditions of political settlement.


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