Political advisers of the “Norman format” will discuss a settlement in the Donbass

The deputy head of the Kremlin’s administration, Dmitry Kozak, arrived in Berlin on a working trip to attend a meeting of political advisers of the “Norman format”, the Russian embassy in Germany said.

In turn, a source in the Russian delegation told the reporters that the subject of the meeting of representatives of the “Norman Four” countries would be “a wide range of issues on the implementation of the Minsk agreements, primarily measures for a political settlement of the conflict”.

This is Kozak’s second visit to Berlin in the past month and a half. During a one-day working visit on May 13, the deputy head of the Kremlin administration met with German Foreign Chancellor Jan Hecker. Following the meeting, Kozak told the reporters that the consultants “reached an agreement on further mutual actions for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Ukraine”, as well as “a lot of difficult tasks that need to be addressed, interaction with representatives of Donbass, Ukraine in the “Norman format”. Germany did not begin to disclose the details of the meetings, only noting that the arrival of the Kremlin representative, despite the sanctions, was related to the discussion of such an important topic as the Ukrainian settlement.