Meeting of advisers of the “Normandy Four” is taking place in Berlin

Meeting of the Normandy Four is taking place in Berlin at the level of advisers today.

“The strategic issue is a political settlement. We face the biggest discrepancies concerning this issue. Dmitry Kozak and Andrei Ermak will try to push through each of their positions. Advisers to the leaders of Germany and France act as an active audience. The meeting is still being held in the format of Normandy Four”, – Rodion Miroshnik wrote on  his Telegram channel.

He also stated that the position of the Russian Federation looked much more convincing. They simply insisted on the fulfillment of previously achieved and fixed obligations. Kiev, however, wanted to revise them, justifying this by the fact that they themselves could not accomplish anything in five years.

“As it is leaked from the Ze-office (President Zelensky’s office – ed.), in Yermak’s baggage there are the following proposals: the special status should not be fixed in the Constitution, it’s practically replaced in the legislation with the diffuse decentralization provided for all other subjects of Ukraine. In addition, Kiev wants an early decision on the exchange of prisoners and on the return of industrial enterprises. It’s hardly possible without moving along security tracks and politics”, – he added.