Federation Council hopes to strengthen cooperation with the Libyan parliament

The Federation Council expects to strengthen inter-parliamentary cooperation with the Libyan Chamber of Deputies, said Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko at a meeting with Libyan parliament head Agila Saleh.

“A weighty argument is the strengthening of cooperation along the parliamentary line, we are confident that it will find a practical basis”, – she said.

Matvienko noted that Russia appreciates Saleh’s desire as chairman of the “internationally recognized parliament” chamber to contribute to solving complex problems in Libya by seeking compromise solutions.

“We are impressed by your adherence to principles of resolving the political crisis in the country”, – she said.

The speaker of the Federation Council stressed that Russia is convinced of the need to resolve the Libyan crisis by seeking a compromise, since there is no alternative to a political solution.

“We carefully, with empathy, follow the events in your country. We hope and will help in every possible way to overcome this stage in the life of Libya, when its territorial integrity is tested, so that it becomes a prosperous state again”, – she said.

Matvienko noted that Saleh in Russia is known as a prominent political figure in the new Libya and a supporter of the development of partnerships with the Russian Federation.

“This is not your first time in Russia, and today I am sincerely glad to have the opportunity to meet with you and exchange views. We look forward to an interesting conversation about the situation in Libya”, – Matvienko concluded.


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