To the native coast: the Head of DPR called for acceleration of the Republic’s transition to Russian standards

The DPR This was stated by Head of State Denis Pushilin at the plenary session of the People’s Council on June 26.

“Synchronization of legislation of the DPR and the Russian Federation plays one of the key roles, we must come to the establishment of Russian standards in all spheres of life in our society. The timing of this important task also depends on the legislative pace you will take. But, of course, the speed of implementation should not be at the expense of quality”, –  DPR  quoted Pushilin as saying.

He also recalled the plans to raise the living standards of the DPR to the level of the Rostov region by 2022.

“Of course, the government is working in this direction, and all social payments, pensions, state employees’ wages will be no lower than the level of the Rostov region. But the standard of living does not imply only these payments, we need to create conditions for business that will contribute to filling the budget, improve the quality of products and increase their competitiveness”, –  Pushilin said.

According to him, this requires the introduction and development of all modern business conditions, the creation of new financial instruments, the launch of lending, leasing programs, the system of state support, subsidies and so on.

“The economy should work so that any entity could increase working capital, receive support and guarantees. In this regard, we have an almost blank sheet, so I would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is necessary to step up activities in this direction”, –  the head of state concluded.