Thousands of Palestinians protesting against Israel’s annexation plans


In Ramallah, Palestine, there was a protest against Israel’s annexation plan.

There were numerous demonstrations in Palestine against the annexation of the Jordan Valley. In the opinion of political scientist Zeev Khanin, the right does not agree with the annexation, as it automatically means full acceptance of the concept of “deal of the century”, which obliges Israel to recognize Palestine as a state.

– Nobody still knows when the annexation of territories will begin. There is no sense that the authorities want that very much. It’s what they want and it’s what they want.

According to him, whatever the Prime Minister does now, he will remain guilty: he will extend sovereignty – he will recognize the Palestinian state, he will not extend it – he will lose the historic opportunity to join the territories.
The annexation of the Jordan Valley or, as they say in Israel, “the extension of sovereignty to Judea and Samaria” was to begin on July 1. But the leadership still has no agreement on the date and borders of the operation.