“We’re working on it” – Merkel said that Nord Stream 2 will be completed

American sanctions should not prevent Germany from receiving gas via Nord Stream 2.

"We're working on it" - Merkel said that Nord Stream 2 will be completed

This statement was made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the Bundestag.

She once again emphasized the official position of Berlin, according to which the U.S. extraterritorial sanctions are unacceptable. Merkel added that they do not meet German “legal ideas and expectations”.

“We must admit that there have been difficulties with the construction, but we are all always confident that the project will be completed correctly. We are working on it”, –  she said.

As previously reported by News Front, back in December last year in the U.S. Congress, along with the military budget, dragged a package of sanctions. It touched on the companies directly involved in the construction. When the punitive measures came into force, the Swiss company Allseas, which provided pipe-layers and supply vessels, withdrew from the project. Construction was suspended in its final stages.

A new bill expanding punitive measures has now been introduced in the US Senate. The authors of the document were Republican senators Ted Cruise, Tom Cotton, Ron Johnson and John Barraso, as well as a representative of the Democratic Party Gene Shaheen. According to the bill, Washington can now blacklist companies and entities providing insurance assistance in the construction of the gas pipeline or legal support for the project.


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