Romania does not want deterioration of relations with Russia

The head of the Romanian Foreign Ministry actually admitted that the republic simply acts on the orders of NATO.

Romania does not want deterioration of relations with Russia

According to TASS, citing a statement, Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu, Romania is not configured to increase tension in relations with the Russian Federation, despite the adoption of a national defense strategy in which Russia is called one of the threats.

“A simple listing of known aspects does not indicate an intention to escalate, as some are trying to demonstrate, but presents a description of reality”, – Agerpress quotes Romania as saying on Wednesday,

“Estimates and positions of Romania correspond to the views expressed at NATO level, and the national defense strategy of the country as far as Russia is concerned does not contain essentially new things and is explained, among other things, by the situation in the Black Sea region”.

Apparently, the head of Romanian diplomacy offers to “understand and forgive” Romania, for blindly following overseas requirements to the detriment of its own national interests. The authorities of this country also performed something similar after our troops defeated the Nazi hordes during the Great Patriotic War, including Romanians.


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