Pentagon limits flights to US Air Force fighters

Failures in the on-board system threaten to explode the aircraft in the air.

Pentagon limits flights to US Air Force fighters

According to the “SVARSCHIKI” TG channel, the Pentagon command banned the F-35 Lightning II fighter from flying into a thunderstorm until further notice, due to a recently discovered problem with a malfunction in the inert gas generation system (OBIGGS).

“This system delivers nitrogen to the aircraft’s cavity after a lightning strike, and the poor performance of the OBIGGS is fraught with an explosion in the air, which is why fighters are ordered to stay at least 25 miles (40.3 km) from thunderstorms”, -channel experts say.

The irony of the situation is that in translation from English this type of aircraft is called “Lightning”. This is the first lightning known to science that is afraid of a thunderstorm.


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