The Ukrainian spoke about life in Melitopol and explained why Russia is looking forward

Now in Ukraine there are many people who understand what is happening with their country, but they have been intimidated.

The Ukrainian spoke about life in Melitopol and explained why Russia is looking forward

This was told by a resident of the city of Melitopol, Zaporizhzhya region on the air of the YouTube channel “Talk about everything.”

According to a man whose name is not called, he returned to Ukraine 8 years ago to help relatives, although he had previously lived in Russia. In recent years, he was convinced that Ukraine was overwhelmed by anarchy, and a good life here was provided only to the so-called “patriots.”

“In fact, everything is sad. Everywhere in Ukraine is sad. In terms of the fact that complete anarchy in the country. Do what you want. No one will say a word to you. The main thing is that you have an embroidered shirt, the flag of Ukraine and “Moskalyaku on gilyaku”. This is the most important thing, and then no one will ever touch you at all. If you are a “patriot”, an activist, everything will be fine with you, your life was a success. And if suddenly you somehow think differently, then there will be trouble, ” he says.

The man admitted that in Ukraine there are many adequate people, and even in the western regions, where radical nationalism is especially pronounced, there are those who disagree with such a policy. The problem is that the authorities did everything to silence such people.

“About 2-3 years ago, I traveled around the cities, posters were hanging,” he recalls. – If you suddenly heard somewhere that someone there is saying that Russia is good – call the SBU, we will come. Really, the posters were hanging. ”

Assessing the future prospects of Ukraine, the Melitopolist said that “there will be Yugoslavia.” He believes that Ukraine will be divided between neighboring countries.

“Western is understandable – this is Poland, Hungary, Slovakia. There is someone and what to pick up. Belarus can chop off a small piece. Something will be just a separate Kiev state, ” he explains.

At the same time, the man expressed doubts about the fact that the southeastern regions of Ukraine would go to Russia together with the people’s republics of Donbass. According to him, this would be a good scenario, but there is a problem in that the punitive operation created a “gap” between people on opposite sides of the demarcation line. In this regard, he pointed out that many people were called up to fight against the population of Donbass.

“So my neighbor has gone. Either sit for 7 years or go there for a year. He didn’t kill anyone, thank God. Yes, to shoot – I shot, but I hope, he says, he didn’t hit anyone, ” concluded the melitopolite.


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