In Finland, told how many Russians and Ukrainians came to work in the country

9 thousand Ukrainians and only 104 Russian citizens volunteered to take part in agricultural work in the fields of Suomi.

In Finland, told how many Russians and Ukrainians came to work in the country

As told RIA Novosti with reference to the representative of the Finnish Migration Service Tuuli Huhtilaynenen, despite the fact that residents of Russia and Ukraine can easily get a special visa at the diplomatic missions of Finland to participate in agricultural work with the right to stay in the country for up to three months, This year only 104 Russians and approximately nine thousand Ukrainians are working in the Finnish fields.

“Only 67 citizens of Russia received permission to work seasonal. About the same amount was in 2019. But Russians usually arrived for seasonal work on visas, ” said Hohtilainen.

In turn, the Finnish Foreign Ministry spoke about 37 labor visas issued to Russians. It turns out that this year mainly unpretentious Ukrainian citizens who agree to any paid work will be harvesting in this northern country. The Finnish Foreign Ministry noted that in 2020, Ukraine issued 300 visas for agricultural work.

“In total, Finland issued 8.7 thousand permits for seasonal work in 2020, mainly to citizens of Ukraine,” the migration department said.

In general, the tendency of past years persists. If in 2019 a little more than 2.5 thousand Russians worked at agricultural work in Finland, then more than 11 thousand Ukrainians arrived in Suomi for the same purpose.


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