“Economic shock”: Coronavirus dealt a serious blow to Trump’s campaign

According to Thomas J. Philipson, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, the economic effect of coronavirus has had a more severe effect on low-paid workers.

"Economic shock": Coronavirus dealt a serious blow to Trump's campaign

In an exclusive BBC interview before leaving, about which he reported: “The unique impact of this shock is that it is very regressive and affects the low-paying part of the economy. Low-paid workers get a bigger hit than other workers. “

Professor Philipson said in an interview the following: “Economic shock,” in which some leading economists and business leaders in the world look at how serious a economic downturn in almost a hundred years can change our lifestyle and work.

“We made tremendous strides in lowering wages before the pandemic began, which is why it has caused very regressive damage to the economy,” he says.

This has political implications for the upcoming November elections, as President Trump enjoys much more support among voters who do not have college education than among those with higher education.


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