What caused NATO exercises in the North Atlantic?

NATO launched naval exercises in the North Atlantic. 1st rank reserve Captain, military expert Vasily Dandykin shared his opinion concerning what these exercises are connected with.

What caused NATO exercises in the North Atlantic?

NATO has launched Dynamic Mongoose 2020 naval exercises near Iceland, according to the Sixth US Fleet website.

The exercises will last from June 29 to July 10, submarines, warships and anti-submarine patrol aircraft from the USA, Great Britain, France, Canada, Germany, Norway and Iceland will take part in them.

As noted, the purpose of the exercises is to test the anti-submarine operations of NATO ships in the North Atlantic.

“What is happening in the North Atlantic, shows that, in fact, the Americans have revived the Second Fleet, they are eyeing the Arctic, they are unhappy that Russia has long maintained sovereignty over the Arctic – it’s primarily about the Northern Sea Route. These exercises are demonstrative – they are trying to oppose the submarine forces of the Russian Northern Fleet. They are angry that Russia is updating its nuclear submarine fleet – the strategic missile cruiser Prince Vladimir has recently gone into operation, and the fleet will soon replenish with such fourth-generation super-ships”, – Vasily Dandykin said.

In his opinion, the time to start the exercises was also not chosen by chance.

“This is no coincidence at a time when the Vote on constitutional amendments is taking place in Russia – we categorically disagree with some position concerning NATO. It will be announced that the territorial integrity of Russia, the primacy of our laws over international laws are confirmed. Therefore, all this is no coincidence. But The Northern Fleet is ready for these challenge”, – the military expert noted.


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