The Bundestag building was tried to be set on fire

Unknown perpetrators poured fuel on the chipboard at night, which replaced one of the windows in the building. 50 firefighters came to put out the fire.

The Bundestag building was tried to be set on fire
In Berlin, unknown people tried to set fire to the Bundestag building at night. This was reported by the Berliner Morgenpost on Monday, June 29.

“On Monday night, an arson attempt was made in the Reichstag building”, –  the publication said.

Around 0:30 unknown persons poured combustible liquid on the chipboard, which replaced the window on the east side of the building, and set it on fire.

The extinguishing operation was completed in half an hour. Since the building is under special protection, 50 firefighters were called in.

The Berlin police quickly arrived at the scene, but the perpetrators managed to escape. It’s not yet clear if their video cameras have captured them. The federal police are investigating the incident.

Recall that earlier in the U.S., a church was burned because of services during the pandemic. Pentecostal arsonists left a graffiti building dedicated to “hypocrites” nearby.

It was also reported that during a riot in the Russian Federation, prisoners set fire to a colony. In colony № 15 near Angarsk, convicts set fire to several buildings on the territory of the penal institution during the riots.


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