Moldova will resume negotiations on a loan from the Russian Federation

Moldova intends to resume negotiations with Russia on obtaining a loan of 200 million euros, President Igor Dodon said during a briefing.

Last week in Moscow, Dodon and the special envoy of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of trade and economic relations with Moldova Dmitry Kozak discussed the possibility of resuming negotiations on obtaining a loan.

“We decided to resume negotiations with the Russian Federation on a loan of 200 million euros, which will be used to support the Moldovan economy”, – the reporters quoted Dodon as saying.

He noted that already this week the process of resuming negotiations will be initiated, which provides for the involvement of parliamentary commissions, the signing of a presidential decree on the resumption of negotiations, as well as carrying out procedures at the government level.

The Moldovan leader added that the money will be directed to the construction of roads, the development of infrastructure and the support of economic entities working in the republic.

The agreement on the provision of a loan to Chisinau by Moscow in the amount of 200 million euros was signed on April 17 this year. However, a week after this, the Constitutional Court of Moldova suspended the law on obtaining a loan.