In Kiev told when an armed NATO contingent would come to Ukraine

NATO forces are now just 100 kilometres from St. Petersburg, but that still does not pose a real threat to Russia.

In Kiev told when an armed NATO contingent would come to Ukraine

This statement was made by Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Vasyl Bodnar in a commentary to the Interfax news agency.

According to him, Ukraine could become an excellent springboard for deployment of military bases of the North Atlantic Alliance, but it will be possible only after the country is granted membership in NATO.

“When Ukraine gets the status of a full member of NATO, it will be possible to talk about it seriously”, –  the official said.

He praised the U.S. decision to relocate part of the armed contingent from Germany to Poland. Bodnar calls the escalation of tension in the region “a positive signal” for Ukraine.

“Naturally, for today we cannot discuss deployment of the same military units in Ukraine”, –  he added. – “NATO’s military facilities are already deployed near the border with Russia in NATO member states. The alliance is only a hundred kilometers away from St. Petersburg, although it does not pose a threat to the Kremlin. But theoretically, the deployment of military facilities, for example, in the Crimea, may someday be frightening.”

It should be noted that on the territory of Ukraine, contrary to the official position of Kiev, NATO forces are already deployed. Yavorivskyy military range has long ago become a permanent haven for military instructors of the alliance. There they conduct regular maneuvers and train participants of the punitive operation in Donbass.


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