China assessed the latest “deadly machines” of the Russian Federation at the Victory Parade

Timed to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the parade made it possible to demonstrate the latest Russian weapons.

China assessed the latest “deadly machines” of the Russian Federation at the Victory Parade

This is stated in the material of the Chinese publication “Global Times”.

The military equipment showed a debut at the parade and was called “deadly vehicles machines” by the authors. In particular, they drew attention to the T-90M tanks, which entered the army in spring. Being a modification of the T-90, the tank has high combat effectiveness. As noted in the Global Times, the T-90M is an excellent technique for the “transition period”, while in Russia they are adopting a new generation of T-14 Armata tanks.

It is noteworthy that on the T-90M there is a gun of the same type as on Armata. The gun allows the use of both new armor-piercing ammunition and guided missiles.

The first in the world tank with a T-80BVM gas turbine engine also appeared at the parade. This feature allows to use the machine even in extremely low temperatures. A tank capable of fighting at -50 degrees Celsius is great for the Arctic, the newspaper notes.

Also in Moscow, the TOS-2 multiple launch rocket system was introduced for the first time with a firing range of 12 kilometers. Unlike the previous MLRS model, TOS-2 was installed on the chassis of a Ural 6×6 truck. This has improved cross-country ability and deployment speed.

The authors of the article were also interested in the latest Russian development, which is an engineering system for remote mining. The machine is capable of transporting fifty shells and mining the terrain in the shortest possible time.


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