An appeal for recognition of the LDPR has been registered with the US Presidential Administration.

If the appeal is registered, then an official response must also follow.

According to the “WarGonzo” project, the Trump administration informed the head of the “Russian Hour” company Alexander Korobko about receiving his open letter, in which he appealed to the U.S. president to recognize the Lao PDR.
This spring, the director was making a feature film about the war in Donbass during the pandemic. In addition, Korobko is co-author of one of the most complete biographies of Vladimir Putin.

“WarGonzo” has exclusively published the translation of the full text of Alexander Korobko’s open letter to Trump.

June 22, 2020
Donetsk, Donetsk People’s Republic
US President
Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump!

Now, after the tragic death of George Floyd, the ghost of civil war is walking through your country. People in my native Donbas know well what civil war is and do not wish it to the American people or anyone else. But they can’t hear them.
Why did Kosovo get the right to independence and the people of Donbas don’t? And why are they bombed and fired mortars and machine guns for their views? The latter is exactly the reason why the residents of Donbas no longer want to associate themselves with Ukraine and build their own state. They have their own army, police, their own passports and a rapidly developing economy. The trade mark “Made in Donetsk National Republic” became a symbol of the new economic phenomenon.
One of the remarkable products of Donbass is a kind of “Kalashnikov” in the world of medical equipment: mobile device IVL GS-11R. If George Floyd had been so close to it – and perhaps he could have been saved. But he will save thousands of other lives – those who say “I can’t breathe” or can’t say it anymore, but he can still be saved. These are accident or fire victims, miners in the rubble or coronavirus patients who need to be taken alive to the hospital.
For humanitarian reasons, I have found an opportunity to give the people of the United States of America (as well as the people of any other needy country in the world) a license to manufacture this machine – free of charge during the pandemic.
I would be happy to discuss this proposal in person with you or, ideally, in a meeting. We do not have a “Law of Good Samaritan” prescribed legally, but we in Russia (and in Donbass) are guided by it as one of our fundamental moral principles.
I am waiting for your answer.
With respect,
Head of Media Company
“Russian Hour”