+18 In Karachi, terrorists attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange

In Karachi, four suspected terrorists attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange. The attackers were killed and the building and its surroundings are being cleaned.

On Monday morning, armed men threw grenades at the entrance to the Stock Exchange and opened fire. The police went into an exchange of fire with them. Firearms and grenades were then recovered from the killed suspects. People were taken out of the Exchange building in the back.

Police surgeon Karar Ahmed Abbasi told the Dawn newspaper that seven people were injured in the attack, including police officers. They were taken to hospital. Five dead were also taken to the hospital. A stock exchange guard was among the victims. According to preliminary reports from Dawn, at least two civilians were killed.

BBC News notes that it is still unclear how many of the attackers were and what organisation they represented.
The stock exchange has issued a statement that the situation is still evolving. The director of the exchange, Abid Ali Habib, said the militants stopped in a parking lot, from where they reached the entrance and fired indiscriminately, including at guards.

Sindh Governor Imran Ismail condemned the attack.


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