Merkel said that Britain will have to pay for Johnson’s tough stance

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson chose to tighten his tone in relation to the European Union, so the kingdom has to “come to terms with the consequences” of such a decision.

Merkel said that Britain will have to pay for Johnson's tough stance

This statement was made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in an interview with reporters.

According to her, today it becomes obvious that the door leading to a compromise is now closed.

“We must let go of the idea that it is we who must determine what Britain should want,” Merkel said. “The UK needs to determine this, and we, 27 EU countries, will respond accordingly.”

The Chancellor made it clear that in the current situation it is more important for her to work on a strategy for restoring the economy of the community after the coronavirus pandemic.

The Guardian, in turn, notes that Merkel’s position destroys the hope that it will soften Brussels’s position in negotiations with Brexit in London.

“Together with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the British government wants to determine for itself what kind of relationship it will have after leaving the country,” the Chancellor continued. “Then, of course, you have to come to terms with the consequences, that is, with a less closely interconnected economy.”

She emphasized that if Britain does not want to adopt European standards in the social and environmental spheres, it will be forced to trade with the EU without a “zero tariff”.