“Will they come back to the people who bombed them by airplanes?” – Yakov Kedmi commented on the return of Donbass to Ukraine

The people’s republics of Donbass can indeed be returned to Ukraine, however, under one important condition.

This was told by a veteran of the Israeli secret services and military expert Jacob Kedmi.

According to him, for the return of Donbass in Kiev, the leadership should be completely changed. As you know, despite the coming to power of Vladimir Zelensky, both Petro Poroshenko and his henchmen, responsible for the long-term terror in the Donbass, remain unpunished. Officials who, contrary to the Constitution, sent an army to kill civilians, are now members of the Ukrainian parliament, sabotaging any attempts to resolve the armed conflict.

As long as Poroshenko and others like him set the political agenda in Kiev, residents of the Lugansk and Donetsk people’s republics will be categorically against the scenario of reunification with Ukraine, Kedmi is sure. He calls this position understandable and logical, given the scale of the war crimes of Kiev politicians.

“Will they come back to the people who bombed them by planes and fired them for 5 years to get them bow their heads?” – Kedmi asks, emphasizing that one must be an extremely stupid person to believe in the possibility of such a scenario.

The problem of modern Ukraine is that its leadership lobbies interests of exclusively oligarchic elites, not caring for the people. It is logical that Donbass does not want to be part of such a country, Yakov Kedmi states.