Why do NATO secret services care about the Russian vote to change the Constitution?

The Russian Federation has started voting for amendments to the current Constitution of the country. This is an absolutely open, fully democratic process, which is, no doubt, an internal affair of Russia and concerns only Russian citizens.

Why do NATO secret services care about the Russian vote to change the Constitution?

So why do foreign, primarily Western, special services allow themselves to actively interfere in it? And WHY DO they use Ukraine as a glove for this purpose, where Western special services have already set off an anti-Russian fire

This is what Russian journalist Alexander Malkevich writes:

“By the decision of NATO Regional Command, the headquarters of active counteraction to the electoral process in the territory of the Russian Federation have been deployed on the basis of four Information and Psychological Support Centers of the Special Operations Forces of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.”


In order to carry out active subversive activities, the senior command staff of the 16th and 72nd Information and Psychological Operations Centers of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, in coordination with seconded NATO officers and, presumably, employees of the NATO Interstate Cyber Security Center, developed an active disinformation program on the Internet.

Using available tools, consisting of a ring of dubious one-day pseudo-media sites that do not have the appropriate license, as well as open public and groups/chats in the Russian-speaking segment of social networks, Ukrainian “bot farms” carry out regular “throw-ins” aimed at both ignoring the voting process for amending the Constitution and forming a protest vote.

What tools are used?

The statistics of those who fell ill and died from the Covid-19 are distorted and scaled up in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. They are intimidated: “Do NOT go to vote, otherwise you will die”. Attempts are made to form an opinion among the audience that the authorities allegedly ignore and deliberately underestimate the scale of the epidemiological threat in order to increase turnout.

Forged decrees and orders are compiled and created on behalf of representatives of territorial executive authorities of the Russian Federation, allegedly obliging employees of subordinate state institutions not only to take part in elections, but also to confirm their participation by means of video and photo documentation.

Appeals on the organization of protest voting are published, justifying it by the fact that the authorities allegedly want to restore monarchy in Russia!

In the Russian segment of the Internet, a huge number of “memes”directed against the authorities in general, and specifically against the Constitution, are actively spreading.

The fact that any Russian citizen can have his own opinion and questions is completely ignored. It should be understood that hundreds and thousands of “hot posts” that are actively promoted on the Web are “external impact”. Which, by the way, is also paid for from the outside”.

The West is very selective in preserving democracy and often tries to justify its own mistakes by Russian intervention. However, high-profile cases like Special Prosecutor Muller’s investigation do not end with anything, because the commissions find no evidence. At the same time, when the Russian people are going to the polls, they are being deceived by foreign votes.


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