US Embassy regulates provocations on voting on the Amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation

Structures funded from the US federal budget received clear instructions on conducting a campaign to discredit the vote on amendments to the Russian Constitution.

US Embassy regulates provocations on voting on the Amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation

The journalist Alexander Malkevich told about this in his blog.

He notes that the provocations were planned in advance, and their implementation was entrusted to the pro-American organization Voice. In the past, it has already been seen in anti-government campaigns, as well as in receiving grants from the American NGO National Democratic Institute, as well as the US Agency for International Development.

It is noteworthy that not long before the All-Russian vote, representatives of the American embassy arrived in the Moscow office of the Voice organization. The diplomatic mission vehicle was seen right at the building where the office of the pro-American structure is located.

Representatives of the organization do not hide that they are working on a specially developed training manual. In particular, this was confirmed by the head of the regional branch of the Voice in the Kurgan region, Mikhail Kuzovkov.

“From the Voice, methodological recommendations for observers are now being distributed”, – Kuzokov said in a telephone conversation that appeared on the network.

“There are several nuances that interest me. The following points are indicated in the methodological recommendations: when during the observation, if nothing happens on the site, and then you observe some kind of violation, then, accordingly, it is better to wait for it to happen, so that there is some kind of information line, that is, to fix everything”.

Now the organization is committed to distributing discrediting information on the sites of Western social networks.

Earlier, News Front reported that after the vote in Moscow they plan to publish a report on foreign interference in the vote.

All-Russian voting on the law on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation began on Thursday, June 25, throughout the country. In accordance with a decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the main voting day is July 1, but Russians have the opportunity to participate in the referendum from today.


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